Terviseinformaatika uurimisryhm

We believe that data-informed and evidence-based decisions can make healthcare more efficient, patient-friendly and cost-effective. We work passionately to generate that evidence by conducting epidemiological studies, doing data analytics and developing analytical software in healthcare domain.

We like to share our knowledge with students, science community and public. We continuously offer internship positions and thesis topics to bachelor and masters students. And of course we are open for co-operation on national and international level.

The main focus of our research and teaching is on:

Health data analytics

Personalised medicine


Health and treatment patterns

Number of publications

If you are interested in internship position in health informatics, let us know! Based on your curriculum and interests we will find you suitable tasks to solve.


We offer a large number of areas/topics related to our overall research directions to understand and mine the health data, as well as genetic and lifestyle risk factors. Many topics come with a potential to link students to existing research projects, i.e. with the potential of funding good relevant work.